Benefits of participating

The data from the PCR has many significant impacts in research, development, and education.

  • Provides a cross-sectional view of multiple clinical and demographic aspects of prostate cancer that may be studied in detail using targeted, prospective study design or using health statistics.
  • Identifies whether clinicians are managing the disease in accordance with the principles of evidence-based practice.
  • Collects up-to-date information about patterns of care and enables oversight of changing patterns of disease demographic and management.
  • Enables clinicians to compare their own patient population and therapeutic management with that of other clinicians (NB. No clinician identifying information will be released by the PCR).    
  • May be used to assist in the design of clinical trials, including identifying questions for study.
  • Provide clinicians and institutions with mortality and morbidity data associated with various risk and treatment groups, both for their own patients and the wider cohort of men with prostate cancer.
  • May be used as an educational tool for clinicians and students.  



Only clinicians working within contributing hospitals are eligible to enrol in the PCR.  While enrolment is voluntary, it is important that the registry collects information from close to, if not all, the eligible population.  The registry would serve limited purpose if it did not collect representative data from both patients and clinicians. 

Clinicians are informed about the registry via an information sheet.  To date, NO clinicians have refused to participate in the PCR. This is the strength of the registry and testament to the willingness of Victorian clinicians to monitor their performance and constantly strive to provide excellent patient care.


Accessing the PCR

Clinicians participating in the PCR will be provided with a login and password to enable them to access their own patient-level data via a secure gateway. Contact the registry custodian (Contact Us) for further details.